Scottish MISTS (Scottish Ale)


Scottish Ale (5.5% ABV)
The malty goodness provided by Double Roasted Caramel and Vienna malts makes you think you’ve gone to the Highlands.


Howler / Growler exchange
We are accepting Grainworks-branded howlers (32 oz.) and growlers (64oz.), and will exchange them for fresh ones already filled with Grainworks yummy brews. Please wash them and give them to our taproom staff or deliver driver. (Sorry, we’re not accepting non-Grainworks glassware at this time.)

Please note that due to a growler glass shortage, for the foreseeable future you may receive two filled 32oz howlers instead of the 64oz growler you order. There is no cost difference for this. For however long we do home deliveries, we will be accepting trade-ins of one 64oz growler or two 32oz howlers (Grainworks Branded Only) for “64oz Growler w/Exchange” orders.